The world is currently facing an outbreak of a new coronavirus. Sweden and Denmark are reporting an increasing number of cases of coronavirus/covid-19, and both countries have begun to introduce measures to stop the spread of the virus. In some cases, these measures and restrictions may differ between the countries.


Sweden is a part of the European Union cooperation for the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines. According to this agreement, Sweden will have access to 6 million vaccine doses. [7] According to the Prime Minister Stefan Löfven , Sweden expects to get sufficient number of COVID-19 vaccines to immunise around one-fifth of the population by April 2021. [8]

If you are being vaccinated against COVID-19. Information from The Public Health Agency of Sweden. Här samlar vi aktuell information, med anledning av coronaviruset covid-19, till I Östergötland samordnas detta i East Sweden Business Region, ESBR. För information om läget i Taiwan se Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, På WHO:s webbplats finns ytterligare information om coronaviruset och det  You can find information in English and frequently asked questions about coronavirus and covid-19 on The Public Health Agency of Sweden's website. As a result of the covid -19 pandemic in the society, Chalmers University of Technology (Du hittar information på svenska här) the coronavirus disease (covid-19) and following recommendations from Swedish authorities.

Sweden information covid

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Sweden's unusual approach to fighting the coronavirus pandemic is Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and det 11 Dec 2020 The SMS from the country's public health agency will read: "Information from the authorities: Follow the stricter advice to stop the spread of COVID  14 Dec 2020 Health officials in Sweden have warned that intensive care units (ICUs) There are 1989 people with covid-19 in Sweden's hospitals with 258 in ICUs We and our partners store and/or access information on a device 11 Dec 2020 As an outlier in their approach to this pandemic, Sweden's record has been mixed. The government has put in place a broad information policy for  29 Dec 2020 We can disagree on policies, but we must accept the facts: Sweden has experienced higher excess mortality than its Nordic neighbours (during  17 Dec 2020 These countries forged their own path on coronavirus and attributed early successes to national character. Now they are facing more cases and  The Swedish government has announced a travel ban on travel from Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom to Sweden. the increased levels of transmission of the coronavirus in Sweden and Denmark. More information at 3 Nov 2020 Sweden's new coronavirus cases hit a record of 4,062 on Friday.

Information om covid-19 Distanskurser · Swedish courses · Språkexamina, språkprov · Korta vägen · Läromedel, böcker, skrifter · Arbeta hos oss · Pressrum  Information gällande Covid-19.

Hur man håller sig trygg under coronapandemin. Vi kan hjälpa ert företag och era medarbetare att vara fortsatt trygga under pandemin. Läs mer 

The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s regulations and general guidelines relating to everyone’s responsibility to prevent COVID-19 infections. Recommendations for those travelling or who have travelled to Sweden from countries with new variants of the coronavirus Recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19 Official information on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sweden information covid

SciLifeLab efforts addressing the COVID-19 pandemic The Swedish COVID-19 Data Portal provides information, guidelines, tools and services to support 

More information at Swedish Police website. Can employers request or require information from an employee about potential or actual exposure to the virus? The question of whether an employee can be  23 Mar 2020 7 Sweden, Ordinance on regulations in the Contagious Diseases Act on concerning the corona virus (Information om UD:s arbete med  6 Apr 2020 Sweden remained rare country, not imposing lockdown or closing of schools, cafes · LONDON/ANKARA. Even as the death toll in Europe due to  If you are on a visit in Sweden and become ill or injured, call 1177 for information about illnesses and Swedish health care. In case of emergency, call 112 for an  24 Feb 2021 A list of useful links to Swedish authorities where you can find up-to-date information on visiting Sweden during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sweden information covid

Information and guidance To follow the latest information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Sweden, we refer to official information from the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) and (Emergency information from Swedish authorities). Latest COVID-19 coronavirus data and map for Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden Coronavirus Information - Safety Updates, News and Tips - The Weather Channel | Here you can find information about COVID-19 in Sweden as well as travel information to Sweden.
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The speed at which SIR receives data depends on local reporting procedures and local IT systems. The age gap between the youngest and the oldest admitted to the intensive care unit due to Covid-19 is large. For more information, check the website of the relevant Swedish mission abroad. Tuition fees. Your university will provide you with information on tuition fees and other relevant information in relation to COVID-19.

Sweden and Denmark are reporting an increasing number of cases of coronavirus/covid-19, and both countries have begun to introduce measures to stop the spread of the virus.
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Behöver du information med anledning av covid-19 ber vi dig därför att i första 113 13 is Sweden's information number in case of major accidents and crises.

If you need to travel by public transport, it is preferable to choose an alternative where it is possible to book a seat in advance, e.g. train. 2021-04-08 · Starting February, 6, 2021, all travelers to Sweden over the age of 18 who are exempted from Swedish entry restrictions must present a negative COVID-19 test result (taken within the previous 48 hours). For more information, travelers may read the press release from the Ministry of Justice.

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23 Dec 2020 The most current information regarding the impact of COVID-19 may be On December 21, Sweden announced the closure of the border with 

Vanliga frågor och svar. Vi  Coronavirus: Aktuell information för resor mellan Sverige och Tyskland: inresa, testkrav, karantän och ArtCircleResidence at Blaxta vineyard in Sweden  Här hittar du all information och kontaktuppgifter till Norrköpings kommuns alla verksamheter. Samlad information om coronaviruset och sjukdomen covid-19. Så påverkas leveranser av coronaviruset Detta är vår senaste info. Bekvämlighet blir viktigare och i dagens exceptionella läge kring covid-19, efterfrågar allt  Resande och covid-19. Din hälsa och trygghet är vår största prioritet.